Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do I adjust windshield wiper timing?

I drive a Honda Civic and my windshield wipers do not return to the park position when turned off. Also, one of the wiper speeds (very slow or intermittent wipe) does not work. Does the wiper motor need to be changed or is there any way to adjust the timing?How do I adjust windshield wiper timing?
If your car is like other cars, the stub shaft where the wiper arm is attached has lots of small splines. Remove the arm and reposition it where it needs to be. Sometimes the arms get moved (at the expense of the splines) when someone turns the wipers on the they're frozen down.How do I adjust windshield wiper timing?
The wiper mechanism itself appears to be working fine.

There is a module that controls the wipers and where they land. If this goes bad, then what you are describing is common.

I don't know what year Civic you drive, but for a 98 Civic 2dr Ex, you can find the module here:

Under the passanger side wheel well. Open up the black part of the fender, peel it back, and the module is plugged into the fluid bottle.

Also, check out this website for Honda owners. It's a good place to ask questions and get ideas on other fixes for all Honda issues.

This is a thread about wiper blades.

Good Luck!How do I adjust windshield wiper timing?
The motor works, the wiper control module doesn't.How do I adjust windshield wiper timing?
There is no way to adjust them, change the modual.